Place an next to each statement with which you agree...
I have dropped at least one of the following: tabs, sunshine, wedges, blotter, Owsley, my car keys.
I have owned and worn mini skirts, Indian print dresses, buffalo sandals and granny glasses.
I’ve eaten an entire chocolate cake in one sitting.
I know every word to at least one Joni Mitchell album.
I can sing along with the Woodstock movie soundtrack.
I ‘made it’ with more than three people in a 24-hour period in different places and not all of the same gender.
I had a doodle book filled with flowers and weird poetry written in large loopy letters.
I wore patchouli, musk or lemon oil for perfume and somewhere besides the usual pulse points.
I read Heinlein, Huxley, Vonnegut, Ram Dass, Watts and Brautigan (extra credit if you held onto at least one dog-eared copy).
I read The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Fat Freddie’s Cat, Truckin’ and Mr. Toad (extra credit if you can quote Freewheelin’ Franklin’s motto).
I painted flowers and peace signs on my face, arms, clothes or bedroom walls.
I considered platform boots, tube-tops and elephant bell-bottoms formal ware.
I can make a gum wrapper chain.
I can use and define at least ten expressions containing the “F” word.
I wore cotton embroidered peasant shirts and a pucca shell necklace.
I wore ankle high “Beatle” boots with little chains on the side.
I’ve peed in a place other than the bathroom.
I’ve sung Melanie’s Lay Down Candles in the Rain at the top of my lungs.
If someone said “America – love it or leave” to me when I was 18, I’d have chosen “leave.”
I know a roach clip has nothing to do with bugs.
I’ve made a pipe out of an apple, potato or other handy fruit or vegetable.
I’ve swiped something from a store just because it was small enough to fit in my pocket or because Abbie Hoffman said it was okay.
I know how to tie-dye my own stuff.
I’ve been to at least one outdoor music festival.
I’ve slept with someone in a VW bus (extra points if you made it rock).
I remember a time when you couldn’t wear blue jeans in public school.
I marched to protest Vietnam.
I know what SDS stands for, who Abbey Hoffman is, and why Nixon left office.
I was once referred to as someone’s “old lady.”
I’ve ridden on the back of a chopper without a helmet.
I know every word to at least two Bob Dylan songs.
I’d never admit it, but the best thing about the end of the Vietnam War was the fact that Joan Baez stopped singing those tedious ballads.
I wore white go-go boots or begged my mother to buy them for me.
I’ve listened to Pink Floyd while I was in an altered state.
I was a regular in the principal’s office.
I made out with a guy somewhere on high school property.
I got caught smoking in the girl’s room.
I know that ‘streaking’ isn’t just for hair and that ‘happy trails’ can be more than a cowboy song.
I’ve worn blue eye shadow and used Max Factor Erase as lipstick.
I’ve permed or braided my hair to look like Janis.
I put pink or purple or green dye in my hair way before anyone else.
In high school, I sneaked out of the house in the morning wearing something that was sure to get me grounded if I had been caught.
I referred to parents as “rents” and police as “pigs.”
I’ve worn Yardley Londonderry Shine Slicker.
I’ve skinny-dipped, streaked or gone naked in a hot tub.
I know that ‘far out’ is not an astronomical term.
I wore a virgin bracelet past its expiration date.
I lived with a ‘family’ that contained no blood relatives.
I’m proud to say I was a Hippie Chick.