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Change Your Mind -
Change the World

Those who argue and discuss without understanding the truth are lost amid all the forms of relative knowledge, running about here and there and trying to justify their view of substance of ego.

Pure in it's own nature and free from the categories of finite and infinite, Universal Mind is the undefined wonder, which is wrongly apprehended by many.


Praise for Hippie Chick REUNION

Wild girls and wild times...a fun and thought provoking read.  If you missed the 60's or just miss the 60's, don't miss this book!

Fern Michaels
New York Times Best Selling Author


 A spellbinding journey, rich with authentic detail and the irreverent wit you'd expect from Jersey Girls with attitude.  Hippie Chick REUNION is at the heart of the new wave of conscious evolution.  Read it twice...the first time for fun, the second to remind yourself; 'I've been here before.'

Staci Backauskas
Community Columnist, The Tampa Tribune


 Bold, honest, and insightful, Hippie Chick REUNION reveals the illusions of separation that distort our true selves.  Kathryn Barber has given us a gentle and loving kick in the metaphysical ribs.

Doug O'Brien
Founder, Center for NLP & Hypnosis, New York


 Kathryn Barber relives the passionate 60's with carefully researched detail and then weaves growth and meaning around a generation searching for authenticity.

Mary Pelham White
Community Relations Director, Chojung Dorje Ling Retreat


Awesome!  A rare combination of entertainment and empowering information.  Your book really makes you think – not empty like so many of the stories out there today.  Wonderful writing and so picturesque…I can really see Hippie Chick REUNION as a movie.  I think that you and your amazing book should be on Oprah!  Please remember me at the Hollywood premier!

Anne, New Port Richey, Florida


  I want to tell you that Hippie Chick REUNION changed my life.  I’ve always been into metaphysics but the way you ended this story keeps circling in my mind.  I’ve been a lot more centered and able to see what’s really important in my life after reading your book.

Jean, Phoenix, Arizona


My wife and I both read your book; with each of us angling for our respective turns until it was finished.  It is hard to believe that this is your debut – you are a mature and accomplished writer and Hippie Chick REUNION is an outstanding book.  Our projected idea of a possible twist for an ending did not even come close.  We had the serious faces of intellectuals proven wrong.  Thank you.

Patrick, Treasure Island, Florida

  Many of the concepts and dialogue are intellectually and spiritually evocative.  I believe Hippie Chick REUNION will become a reference guide as well as a cherished story.  Your book will invite the general reader to open new avenues for exploration and expanded consciousness.

Ani, Harrison, New York


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